/Allergies to Dog From Food – Steps to Remedy the Situation

Allergies to Dog From Food – Steps to Remedy the Situation

If my dog is suffering from an allergy caused by food intake, how will I know, you may ask?

Allergies to dog you should expect to see are facial itching, belly itching, limb chewing, skin infections and recurrent ear infections.

Since a lot of commercially prepared food are loaded with preservatives and colorings, these may result in allergies in your dog. Reactions to allergy mostly involve the skin or the gastrointestinal tract.

If you do come across your dog itching after a certain meal, you can suspect that the meal may be the source of the food allergy. However, before concluding it is food allergy, you must rule out all fungal infections. A vet’s should also be contacted.

Interestingly, there are several recorded occurrences of allergies of dogs to wheat and corn. However, allergy to food varies from one dog another. Again, allergy may be caused by the preservative in the food. Therefore, carefully read the food labels before feeding your dog. It is only wise to avoid to much colored food as this can obviously cause your dog allergies.

Hyperactive behavior is also a manifestation of food allergies. If you dog is becoming hyperactive all of a sudden, it is advisable you consult your vet to rule out an allergy.

There are occasions food allergies may be diagnosed in dogs but the dog may also have pancreatitis. Pancreatitis may be the cause of the problem and not the supposed allergy.

To round up, it is best you serve your dog home made meals of which the ingredients you can ascertain. This will aid to prevent allergies in your dog.

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