You love your little pooch, and you want to take the best care of them that you can. When you try to do this a questions starts to arise for you, and that is should you get a dog harness or a dog collar for your favorite pup? Many dog owners have this question, and the answer really depends on what type of dog that you have.

For large canines, dog harnesses can be useful. However, for large pups it can be incredibly difficult to get the harness onto the dog. That being said, for small canines a dog harness can be a great choice because it is better for their overall health. Use your best judgment when trying to fit a dog harness onto a canine, and do some research to find the right harness that will fit your dog securely.

Dog collars are very useful when you are training a dog. They are great to teach your dog different tricks or routines. Additionally, they can be ideal to place your furry friends identification tags on. However, for all of the positives when it comes to small pups, collars can actually cause some damage. Small pups have delicate bone structure and weaker necks which can be harmed by a collar. Wearing a collar can make it difficult for your little guy to breath properly. If you do not properly secure the collar and accidentally put it on too tight it can chafe and scrape your dogs skin. Additionally, for a small dog a traditional collar may just be uncomfortable.

A harness is a good choice for a little dog because it is constructed in a way that protects your dog from accidental neck and back injuries should he jerk suddenly while on a leash. Basically, the harness is fitted around your dogs chest so that the weight from a yank is not concentrated in one place. Additionally, your dog will feel more comfortable in a harness because it makes for a very secure and supportive fit. Because of this fit if you are walking your dog and he jerks suddenly you do not have to worry as much about potential neck or back injury. Another worry with anything that you put around your dog and onto their skin is that it may chafe, and thankfully harnesses are generally made out of nylon type material which does not tend to irritate your dogs skin.

The choice is really yours and is dependent on what size your dog is. The good news is that there is quite a few options of both dog collars and dog harnesses on the market. This allows you to customize your dogs apparel to your liking. Additionally, both dog collars and harnesses are made out of a variety of materials which allows you to choose one that will be comfortable for your dog breed and their type of fur. You can choose the colors that you like, the patterns that you like, and of course the product that you like.

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