/Basic Dog Obedience Training-All Secrets Revealed Here

Basic Dog Obedience Training-All Secrets Revealed Here

Every owner worries about his  dog’s behavior .Dog’s behavior totally depends on Obedience training given to him by his owner .Obedience Training process contain lots more than just sitting and running commands .This training process is very complex and need lots of involvement and attention by dog owner and trainer .

Obedience Training is a step by step process and it takes some time to get a well trained and obedient dog .First and foremost step is to give a proper name to your pet .Repeat this name until your puppy recognize himself as that name .This process usually take some time .So always keep yourself calm during this process .The next step is to make good communication with your pet .Dog don’t understand human languages but they respond very quickly to few commands and few symbols .I am giving you few examples .Pointing a finger in particular direction will make your dog to run in that direction .Pointing your finger down will make him sit at that place .You should repeat these commands regularly unless your dog learn all of them completely .

Next step is very useful for you and your dog .Try to teach him good manners as you are teaching your son .Obedience Training manners include not barking for food,not to enter in kitchen ,proper toilet training ,not jumping on sofa and many other .You should always keep one thing in mind that you are not training a dog, you are training one of your family member .Dog usually learn from his trainer .So you should also behave properly in front of your pet .In many cases ,if trainer is afraid of something ,his dog will also suffer from same fear .So proper fearless and calm environment should be maintained if you are with your pet .

Proper set of rules should be created and followed while Obedient Training. Your dog should respond to your commands very quickly .For example ,if you say come here ,he should leave everything and follow you .In order to get this type of relation ,patience and calmness is required .Try not to lose your patience when your pet break your rules .Few things should also be ignored with your pets .For example if you are talking with someone else and your dog start barking ,it’s better to avoid him .He will stop barking after few minutes .but if you look him angrily ,he might get disturbed and will bark again and again in this situation .

Timely rewards and appreciation is needed by all pets while their obedience training. This will make your pet happy and he will very soon realize what he should do and what he shouldn’t .Some doggie treat should also be given to him in case of some good work .This will surely help in gaining good momentum during his training period .Also keep proper care of his health .Most of dogs suffer from skin diseases .So timely and  regular check up is must for every pet .These are few basic tips to make your pet well mannered and obedient .Follow them properly and spend good time with your pet .

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