In recent years, we have learned the importance of a quality, meat based diet for our dogs. We now know that good nutrition, along with exercise and lots of love will allow us to have many quality years with our furry family member. We have learned a lot about what our pets require in their diet to be as healthy as possible. What we feed our dogs is especially important because dogs do not naturally produce the vitamins and minerals they require. Even with the high quality dog foods produced today, much of the nutrient value is lost during the processing.

Although you may be feeding your dog or dogs (I have 3!), a quality food, they will benefit from a vitamin and mineral supplement. Once you decide to boost your dogs health with a pet vitamin, how do you know which one to choose? A quality, all natural pet vitamin is best. Avoid vitamins with chemicals or artificial colors. Some of the ingredients that will benefit your dogs health include glucosamine and chondroitin, for rebuilding cartilage, and Omega fatty acids, which are crucial for a dogs skin and coat.

Another consideration in choosing a vitamin should be based on the individual dog. When you are choosing a pet vitamin, keep in mind the age of your dog, as well as his or her activity level. Next, read the ingredients and know how they will improve or protect your four-legged friends health. A vitamin supplement should provide ingredients to help aid in digestion, metabolism and proper absorption of nutrients. The vitamins should include Vitamin A to eliminate free radicals, which can be cancer causing, and Vitamin C to boost the immune system. A good vitamin will contain many other ingredients, such as herbs and minerals that will target specific health issues. The manufacture should provide a complete list of ingredients and their function in protecting your pets health.

Not everyone feels the need to provide their pet with a vitamin supplement, but the fact is, just as they do for us, vitamins can improve and maintain health. I know I want to do as much as I can to keep my dogs healthy for as long as possible. 

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