/Curing Dog Dermatitis with Dog Shampoo and Pet Enzymes

Curing Dog Dermatitis with Dog Shampoo and Pet Enzymes

Do you have a dog with dry itchy skin? Maybe he or she is experiencing flaking, a rash, skin irritations, or hot spots? The problem may be dogs dermatitis which is a skin irritation that often causes dandruff and dry skin. Dermatitis on pets can be caused by many factors to include genetics, using an improper dog shampoo, contact with cleaning or household agents, dog allergies, and lastly simply over exposure to the sun.

Typically it is a combination of all of these. Regardless, it is a concern for us as pet owners and if left unattended chances are good that more health problems will crop up in your dog to include severe skin irritations, skin infections, and pain.

This leads to the question, what to do to cure the dog scratching and itching? Is it as simple as switching the dog shampoo used or is there more to it? Let us start with pet shampoos that you use. If you are not using a medicated shampoo make sure you are at least using a mild pet shampoo which contains oatmeal. The oatmeal is soothing and provides moisturizing nutrition to the skin. It also insures that the ph level of the dogs skin does not change causing more issues. Luckily there are some really good oatmeal based products on the market that also are medicated and to treat the dogs dermatitis. I would suggest selecting one that contains zinc pca.

This ingredient will effectively and quickly eliminate any dog dermatitis, dogs dandruff, and flaking your dogs may be experiencing. Allergies are also another factor that can be causing itchy dog skin. If allergies are the issue, a dog shampoo will help believe some of the symptoms but it will not cure the problem. If the dandruff or dog dermatitis is gone but often reappears, or if your pet is still scratching, chances are he has allergies. In this case, start providing pet enzymes and probiotics daily.

They will put an end to the allergy and you should see impressive results. Please give it 2 to 3 weeks to see a difference. So how do enzymes and probiotics work and what do they do? Well to start, dog allergies usually are a result of needed nutrients. This does not necessarily mean that you are not feeding your pet enough.

However your dog may not be absorbing all of the nutrient, minerals, supplements and enzymes in the processed food you are providing. In other words their systems are simply passing much of the nutrients in their food. This is very common in dogs and cats. This is because they do not have enough living enzymes in their stomach. To counter it, giving them these supplements allows their digestive systems to begin to work at proper performance so that their body begins receiving the nutrients from the food which before was being passed. In fact providing these dog supplements will result in significant overall health improvement to include a better mood, shinny coat and fur, a happier dog, and better mobility. And don’t roget that the dog allergy is going to be gone.

To wrap up this article, using a medicated dog dandruff shampoo, and if needed dog enzymes will help solve this problem. Remember that if you notice the problem getting worse, or if you notice severe skin irritations be sure to see your veterinarian immediately.

Susi has been caring for animals her whole life and helps create healthy dog health products to include shampoos, lotions, enymes, and supplements.
She spends most of her time helping pet owners cure problems they may have.

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