A Dog’s skin allergy can be a constant nightmare for both the dog and owner. It is disheartening to see your pet constantly scratching and causing raw wounds on their skin due to itch. I have some recommendations for you if you are in this situation. The following recommendations must be done in stages to assist you in identifying possible causes.

Before you start, ascertain that your dog’s rash is not due parasites such as mange, fleas or ticks. If you suspect mange, bring the doctor to the vet and get it verified. Mange can get very serious and very itchy for the dog. It also results in skin that is raw, red and balding. The vet can do a skin scrap to ascertain if your dog’s condition is an allergy or mange condition.

For allergic condition, other then food which could be causing allergic reaction, we cannot ignore environment causes as well whichi will cover in this article. This is your first step in diagnosis skin allergic prior to any food allergen testing methods.

Environment Allergy

Firstly, we need to check if your dog is allergic to environment conditions of your home. Like humans, some dogs are allergic to pollen, dust mites and insect bites.

For pollen allergens, keep your pet away from the source and if it cannot be avoided, clean and wash them often to rid them of as much allergens as possible.

For insects bites, spray on your dog anti flea spray, buy natural sprays such as those that contains aroma oils like citronella oil, eucalyptus, lemon grass, clove or neem oil. Any of these oils in the content can ward off insects.

For dust mites, throw away any old mats or cloth that they usually lie on, use plastic beddings instead of soft bedding as soft beddings attract dust mites. If you need mats in the home, make sure your pet is not resting on it and wash and change them regularly (at least 3x a week).

After clearing their beddings or clearing off mats and they are still allergic, it could be floor detergent that they are allergic to. If this is the cause, the dogs usually get more skin rash on their tummy area as a result of resting on the floor. To resolve this, stop using the detergent and switch to homemade version of “floor detergent”, mix vinegar, isopropyl alcohol in water and use it to clean and sanitize the floor! If your pet’s skin rash cleared up, you can be sure the commercial floor detergent is the cause of the skin rash.

These steps are essential to check if they are allergic to substance in the environment or allergic to food source.

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I am an avid dog lover. Since I was a child, I have been reading lots of books about caring for dogs and solving behavioral problems. I have learnt thru the hard way using various methods in resolving my pet ownership challenges. Right now, I have loads of precious information gathered over the many years of reading and researching. It is my passion and joy to share all these lessons on pet care to my fellow dog lovers all over the world so they can also have many happy healthy years ahead with their beloved pets.

Veronica Eng @ www.dogcarezone.com


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