/Dog Fleas – How To Eliminate The Fleas That Are Terrorizing Your Dog

Dog Fleas – How To Eliminate The Fleas That Are Terrorizing Your Dog

The odds of your dog or cat getting fleas at least once in their life time is pretty good, so it’s up to you to recognize when fleas are present and know how to get rid of them.  Eliminating your dog’s flea problem can be very frustrating and time consuming task.  Below are just a few tips that will help make the process of getting rid of your dog’s fleas a little less painful.

If you want to catch the flea problem early in order to prevent the problem from getting out of control, then you’ll want to keep an eye on your dog’s behaviors while you’re around him.  Some of the common signs that you can watch for when you think you’re dog may have a flea problem are excessive scratching, or biting/nibbling in areas where fleas are more commonly found, including the base of the tail, lower back, and belly areas.  Often times dogs will not be able to sit still and will constantly scratch at these areas in order to try and eliminate the source.  Unfortunately this is one itch that will not go away by simply scratching it away.  Your dog is going to need your help with this one, and fast!  If you begin to notice that there are areas of bare skin that appear to be raw from biting and scratching, chances are pretty good that your dog has a flea infestation.  Also, fleas will leave waste on your dogs skin which is small specs of blood that is dried and is almost a black color.

So how do you get rid fleas?  There are a number of methods which can be used to get rid of these nasty little pests.  One way to get rid of them is by using flea collars, or you can also use flea powders.  These two methods really may only be effective if you catch the flea problem early enough.  Even then, these two types of products are possibly the least effective of all methods and really should only be used as preventative measures.  Flea powders can be applied to the coat, and then once the powder has had a chance to settle in, you can run a flea comb through your dog’s coat to remove the fleas.

Another method for getting rid of fleas on your dog is by giving them a batch with flea shampoo.  This special type of shampoo is made with a special formula which is capable of killing fleas and preventing the spread of the problem.  Be sure to pay attention to your dog’s coat, however, because it may be of the type that contains a natural oils that cannot be washed away more than a couple times a year.  If you’re dog fits this category, then frequent bathing with flea shampoos may not be a feasible option for eliminating the flea problem.  There are also topical mists and sprays which can help eliminate fleas and stop the spreading of their larvae.  These can be applied to your dogs coat on a daily basis, depending on whether or not your dog’s coat will permit it, until the flea problem has been eliminated.

Certain treatments can be given each month that will prevent the fleas from being able to reproduce, but keep in mind that these types of treatments will not kill the fleas that have fully matured.  Also, many types of medications can be used to help prevent a number of dog health problems in addition to fleas.  Some of these problems include heartworm, hookworms, roundworms, and more.

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