All pet owners want their pets to look the best. This is only possible when their pets are healthy. The road to your pet’s good health is by providing him with optimum nutrition, routine exercise, regular grooming and adequate veterinary care. Dog grooming supplies are the basic equipments that aid in the day-to-day upkeep of your dog. For regular grooming of your dog you should choose appropriate dog grooming supplies based on his specific needs.

For proper brushing of your dog’s hair, you would require different brushes and combs. The bristle brush is used most commonly. If your dog has medium to long hair, you should use wire pin brushes and slicker brushes. Dog grooming supplies also include slicker brushes, which will help you to remove the tangles and mats. To sort out more severe mats and tangles, rakes and mat breakers could be of great use. To detect fleas and prevent them make sure to use flea combs at regular intervals. During the shedding season, you will require shedding tools for extra hair care of your canine. These shedding tools not only remove excess hair but also help to minimize shedding. If you own a short haired dog, then there is almost no need of cutting his hair. However, if your dog has continuously growing hair then you need to cut his hair either every fortnight or at the end of each month. You could use electric clippers for this purpose. If you are not adequately trained for this, then you should leave this job in the hands of trained professionals who at times use hair cutting scissors.

Dog grooming supplies include trimmers with or without springs for trimming your dog’s nails. You may use trimmers like Claw-style Trimmers, Guillotine Trimmers or Scissor-like Trimmers depending on the length and texture of your dog’s nails. If trimming seems difficult for you or quite painful for your pet, then you can use power rotary tools for filing his nails.

Dog ears are another area which require proper care. If neglected, your dog may even suffer from ear infections. With the aid of dog grooming supplies like ear cleansers and cotton balls, you can effectively clean your dog’s ears. To pluck excess hair you would need hemostats. Do not try this by yourself if you are inexperienced. In case your dog acquires an infection, consult your veterinarian for special dog grooming supplies like ear medications.

Most dog owners bathe their pet once a month. If you are one of them, ensure that you use the right dog grooming supplies for him. Experts recommend the use of soap-free shampoos specific to your dogs’ skin and coat type. You may either choose chemical free natural shampoos or medicated shampoos depending upon your dog’s skin condition. If your dog cries while bathing you can use tear-free shampoos. You could even opt for conditioners to maintain your dog’s smooth and shiny coat. All these dog grooming supplies will help you to make your dog look prim and proper.

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