/Dog Scratching But No Fleas

Dog Scratching But No Fleas

Dogs scratching because it skin feels tremendous itchy so scratching is the only way to reduce feeling itchy on their skin.
Some of people thinks majority of dog itching issues are related to fleas but lot of dog itching issues not caused by fleas. The problem is typically not behavioral but related to skin allergies.
Its oddly enough most of skin allergies issues in dogs are related to fleas so if you don’t find fleas its possible it either or it will be a skin allergy.

But before we discuss on how to treat this issue lets we talk about some of the reasons why we might find your dog scratching but no fleas

1. Plant Allergens
Same as human dog can also develop allergies into several elements such as dust, pollen and plant material. If your dog’s having most of time playing outside it might be plant or tree that causing the itching issue. And also, if you live in area with high pollen surrounding it may your dog develop a sensitivity allergy.

2. Food Allergies
Dog can be sensitivity to several foods such as corn, wheat or special ingredients in dog food products. Around 15% of dog population are still having this kind of food allergy.

How to treat dog scratching
Treatment for dog scratching but no fleas which caused by dog skin allergy generally consist of by removing the allergen at the first or at least ascertaining the cause. Such a pollen, you can do anything with it but you can remove or relocate the plant from dog’s area.

And if the allergy comes from the food, you may change dog food’s brand or find dog food with different ingredients. It’s not easy to find allergy from dog food so its highly recommend making it slow and incremental changes so it helps find which food are appropriate and which are not.
Now to overcome your dog from itching and keep scratching there are a few home remedies that you can do such as oatmeal bath. With oatmeal bath will help soothe the skin and make your dog stop itching and will stop from scratching later.
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