/Dog Skin Problems – Easing your Dogs Agony

Dog Skin Problems – Easing your Dogs Agony

Dogs do not have the same reaction symptoms homosapiens do. A dog’s reaction to an allergy often comes in the form of dog skin irritations, such as excessive itching and biting as well as producing a poor quality coat of fur. Anal itching and chronic ear infections can also be signs and are something most pet owners don’t think of as being allergy related.

While dog skin problems and reactions can be caused by many things, allergic reactions to food are very common. Food hypersensitivity may take years for signs to develop, even if you have been feeding your dog the same food.

Once dog skin problems or other allergy symptoms do initiate appearing, it’s a good idea to check your pet’s diet first. You do this by simply taking away their regular food for several days and giving them a diet that consists of protein and starch. A good diet to try is lamb or rabbit mixed with rice. Do not give them anything else during this test interval.

When the signs improve, go back to giving your dog its regular diet and take notes. If the dog skin problems or other characteristics return, you know it’s something in their food.

Next you return to the test diet above, but commence adding one new ingredient each week. For example try chicken one week, beef the next, wheat, then corn. If symptoms get better, for example with beef, you know that beef is not the basis of the allergies. If they get worse, then there is a good chance that you’ve revealed the culprit.

Even if you find that your pet is allergic to one ingredient, it’s important to continue this process with all ingredients because your dog could be allergic to more than one thing.

Once you reveal what your dog is allergic to, you can start to look for commercial foods that do not contain those items. Some of the best choices with brand name dog food are foods that are made with lamb and rice. Both lamb and rice are considered hypoallergenic (as long as it does not incorporate wheat or corn.).

Do not regulate yourself to just commercial pet food. Many pet owners have used a raw food diet with great success for treating dog allergies. This natural style of diet consists of raw meat, raw bones and raw vegetables. You can find out more data about the raw food diet for dogs by doing a quick search on the internet. (If your dog is already on a raw food diet, you should still use the test diet outlined above and change ingredients.).

Dog skin problems, hypersensitivity and food all boil down to one basic fact. Your dog’s diet is the basis of a long, comfortable and joyous life. You need to get the best dog diet data available and take a proactive stance so your pet does not have to needlessly suffer.

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