/Fleas In Dogs – Treating Flea Infected Dogs!

Fleas In Dogs – Treating Flea Infected Dogs!

Dog owners are always battling with fleas in dogs regularly in their efforts towards having healthy lives. The dog is highly uncomfortable with this infection. The fleas are small insects that stays on the dog’s body, feeding on the blood of the dog and also laying its eggs on the dog’s body – the thought of this alone is irritating. I reality this irritates the dog seriously, causing it to itch and this causes the loss of the dog’s body fur. What you should bear in mind is the fact that you need to treat the fleas on your dog early, this is because the fleas if left untreated to spread around the house infesting every living organism in the house.

How to Know If Your Dog is Infested with Fleas

In case you are wondering why your dog’s body is itching, the dog might be infested with fleas – that’s why! The best way to find out is to check the body of the dog. Fleas are small but obvious to the eyes, you can discover their presence on the dog’s body by checking the fur of the dog. The first place to check is at the underbelly, or beneath the collar, if you see traces showing the presence of teh dog fleas, then you should take the dog to the Vet doctor for proper treatment.

The Treatment For Dog Fleas

There are many medications used to avoid the infection of fleas on dogs, some of these are: sprays, powders and collar. It is better to go for a serious treatment if the fles has already infested the dog – this is the best way out, since the infection is already established and will require treatment to remove it completely. Preventive measures are only taken to stop or prevent the infection of the dog.

The process of the infection starts with the dog and then spreads all around the house, because the fleas lays so many eggs a day and this drops from the body of the dog, filling the whole house. So, to completely eradicate the infection the whole house will be treated so as to stop re-infection.

An oral treatment can be given to the dog to kill every egg or larva of the fleas, that way, the reproduction of fleas are ended. you should go ahead to clean your house, removing and killing every flea to keep the enviroment free from fleas. After completing the treatment, prevent it always to maintain a neat and healthy dog.

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