/Groom and Style 101: Taking Care of Your Dogs

Groom and Style 101: Taking Care of Your Dogs

If you like brushing your hair, painting your nails, or putting some make up with your best gal pal, then you’ll probably love the idea of grooming and styling your dogs. Dog skin care is very important especially when you like your dogs to get really stylish and have thick and shiny coats.

With proper grooming, your dog will be free of dog acne and other allergies caused by minute insects that feed and live on your dog’s skin and hair. One of the first things to do to style and groom your loveable best friend is to brush their hair. This way, the natural oil in their skin will be evenly distributed so their coat will look shinier. Plus, brushing and combing can easily remove dust particles and other tiny stray objects like leaves, sticks, or shredded paper and plastic – whatever that is found on the ground.

Aside from your dog’s coat, you might also want to check on their face and look for signs of acne. Dog acne are tiny reddish spots found on the dog’s chin, nose, and around the lips. For this situation, you have to wash their face daily and scrub off lightly the infected part. Make sure to use a liquid soap or specific formula for bathing and cleaning dogs. To help remove dog acne, use a washcloth to rub the surface of the skin gently, removing the bacteria that clogged the pores.

If you want a lavish dog skin care for your best four-legged pal, visit grooming centers for pets for a pedicure and even a blow dry. It’s probably one of the best bonding experience you’ll enjoy with your loyal and stylish best pal.

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