/Home Remedy for Dog Allergy Relief

Home Remedy for Dog Allergy Relief

Is your dog sneezing and rubbing his eyes with his paws? If your answer was YES, there is a good chance your pet has allergies. They are no different from you and me. They can suffer from all types of allergies including food, environmental and seasonal. If your pet is scratching, itching and sneezing there are home remedies that can help to relieve these symptoms and alleviate their suffering.

Giving your dog a bath in cool colloidal oatmeal will help to soothe the itching. A dog that is constantly licking and scratching at his paws could be experiencing the affects of allergies. A cool bath with Epson salts can help relieve the itching. Do not allow him to drink the water. You may need to change your dogs’ diet. There is a chance that he is reacting to one or more of the ingredients in his pet food. If you are feeding him table scraps, this could be another reason. Not only does this have the potential to cause his allergies, it can also mess up his digestive system, which will lead to other problems. Try to watch his routine throughout the day. There is a chance you will see him react to something, either in the house or out in the yard. Consider the possibility that he is allergic to his bedding. Some dogs have an allergic reaction to cottons and wools. If he starts to experience a reaction when he is on his bed, you will want to change out the bed or type of fabric that covers it.

Like people, dogs can also be allergic to pollens from flowers, grass and other outdoor allergens. Natural remedies are the best solution for your pets’ allergies. You can help to relieve his symptoms and ease his suffering just by watching to see what is causing the allergy.

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