/How to cure an itchy dog; and using a dog tear stain remover

How to cure an itchy dog; and using a dog tear stain remover

How to help and itchy dog and eliminating dog tear stains

Having an itchy dog can be very frustrating, not only because you know your pet is in pain but also because you don’t know exactly how to help him or her. This article will discuss what the causes of a dog itching usually are and how to cure the problem with dog enzymes and dog anti itch remedies. We will also briefly discuss dog tear stain remover to deal with staining under dogs eyes.

So let’s start with the most common reason dogs experience any number of health related issues to include dog itching – nutrition. The interesting part here is that this goes beyond what we feed a dog; it also deals with the dogs ability to digest food and absorb the nutrients in it. Let me elaborate: dogs comes from the wild and accordingly have digestive systems meant to digest raw (and sometimes spoiled) meat from animals as well as other things found in nature. There digestive systems are not designed for processed food, which is what almost all dog food is. For many dogs this is no problem at all as their digestive systems adopt to absorb the needed nutrients from the food we provide them.

There are however many, many dogs that are unable to digest pet food properly. This will cause dog dry itchy skin, as well as many other issues such as dog shedding, digestive problems, dog allergies, hot spots on dogs, lack of energy, mood disorders, etc…

By adding dog enzymes to the dogs diet has been the solution for hundreds of thousands of dog owners. The enzymes, which are living bacteria (which humans and dogs have in their stomach naturally), act as a catalyst, or booster, to aid in their natural digestion. The best part about these enzymes for dogs is that it is all natural as these enzymes occur naturally in dogs digestive systems. The problem is that with processed food they are unable to produce enough. Always use a high quality dog enzyme that is not a meat product. We offer great enzymes for dogs at Evolution Pet Supply that has been used successfully by many pet owners looking to help their dog like you.

Next, I’ll address the issue of Tear Stains as we’ve had many questions on this subject lately. Small dog such as Poodles, Bichon, and Maltese are prone to dog tear stains.

The trick to permanently remove these dog tear stains is to use a quality dog tear stain remover that contains Tylosin. We have a great dog tear stain remover at evolutionsupply.com which has had just great success. This type of tear stain remover attacks the root of the problem; it does not simply mask the issue as many removers do. All you have to do is sprinkle a small amount of the tear stain remover over your dogs food.

Lastly, I’d like to quickly get back to an itchy dog. While enzymes work great there are other reason for dog itch. Some are as simple as bites, rashes, dry skin. In these cases use a good quality oatmeal dog shampoo for dogs and may I also suggest a dog dandruff shampoo with zinc-pca. This type of shampoo work great to eliminate dog dry skin issues and moisturize the skin very nicely. Again we see great resuts with these solutions. For immediate relief use a dog anti itch spray with neem oil and aloe; trust us it works nicely.

We hope we answered some of your questions, if you have any other questions please email me at Bill@evolutionsupply.com



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