Every dog has to go through it, every dog most probably hates it as much as anyone else does, but the fact of the matter is that your dog will show sick symptoms once in a while and will become ill. This is natural for a dog or any other animal, they all get sick and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it.

On the other hand there are ways in which you can ease the suffering a bit for your dog and help them get the fast paced recovery they deserve. There are probably many different home remedies for helping you dog get better, but often if any are going to work then it will be the suggestions or medication your vet will give your after a diagnosis of your dog, so when you fear your dog is ill you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.

Ok, so let’s now look at some of the more popular of the hundreds of symptoms that your dog may be feeling.

Not wanting to move

Many dogs when ill wont want to move very far, have pain in moving, refusing to exercise, limping or has signs or injured paws or legs, or just general decreased agility. Theses can all be signs of illness or injury and should be watched out for on a regular basis.


This may seem an obvious choice but many dog owners fail to notice discharge from eyes, nose, and ears. These should only normally be a worry if the discharge is coloured.


A dog’s loss of appetite is a good well recognized symptom of illness as well as over eating without weight gain, sudden weight loss, or diarrhea. Keep an eye on your dog’s diet and food habits to make this easier to recognize when it happens.

Itching and Scratching

Itching or scratching and trying to rub themselves up against furniture can be symptoms of bad skin or new pests on the scene. At this time your dog may be feeling ill or unwell or it may only be a matter of time before the pests start to appear, making this a god time to act and try to rid of these pests.

Mouth Problems

Bleeding or soar looking gums, along with discolored teeth or teeth loss all need to be diagnosed properly by a vet and could be due to a more serious illnesses.

If you have any more worries about your dog being ill please contact a professional vet for more advice.

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