/How to Tell if Your Dog Has a Dry Nose – Dog Symptoms for a Dry Nose

How to Tell if Your Dog Has a Dry Nose – Dog Symptoms for a Dry Nose

Many dog owners don’t know if a dry nose is a good or a bad thing for a dog to have. A dry nose may be a sign of possible health concerns. By recognizing dog symptoms for a dry nose, you will be in a better position to help your vet figure out what is wrong with your dog.Â

It’s totally normal for dogs to have a dry nose or moist nose from time to time. Temperature can affect your dog’s nose. If, however, your dog’s nose does not look healthy, you may be on to something. Keep an eye out for some of the following dry nose symptoms for dogs:

Does your dog have cracking or flaking skin? Can you see flaky pieces of skin on his nose? Is your dog constantly touching his nose with his paws? Does he seem irritated and is he constantly trying to scratch his nose? Can you see pink spots on your dog’s nose? It could be a sign of skin cancer. Dogs can get skin cancer on their nose or other body parts that are not protected by a layer of fur. The fur offers protection from UV rays in a similar fashion to what clothes do for humans.

But perhaps the plastic bowl you use to feed your dog is the reason behind your dog’s dry nose… Plastic can sometimes lead to irritation because of the chemicals causing an allergic reaction. Your dog’s nose becomes irritated and your dog wants to scratch it.

How do you know what causes your dog’s dry nose condition? It’s best to take your dog to your local vet and let him or her determine what the problem is. Your veterinarian will probably ask you if you’ve noticed anything abnormal about his dry nose symptoms and ask you to record this information on a chart. Always keep detailed notes about your observations as you can really help your vet determine what’s wrong with your dog and allow him to get the relief he wants for his dry nose condition.

In some cases, veterinarians may need to perform a biopsy on your dog’s nose in order to find the cause. Several disorders can display similar symptoms, so you’re better off requesting advice from your vet as opposed to friends.

Your veterinarian could also recommend that you see a veterinary dermatologist. These professionals specialize in skin disorders for cats and dogs and they can be of great help in diagnosing your dog.

Don’t freak out as soon as you see your dog getting a dry nose because the cure could simply be a change to his diet. Although we do our best for our beloved four-legged friends, we sometimes feed them food that is harmful to them. Go ahead and take a look at the ingredients in your dog’s food. Can you see wheat or animal by-products in the list?  These animal by-products are animal remains that can’t be turned into human food because of strict regulations. Regulations for animal food are a lot less stringent.

Animal food manufacturers can get away with putting a lot of harmful substances into dog food. Try to find a reliable manufacturer of healthy dry dog food. You can normally find such food in a natural or holistic pet store. These specialty pet stores do not normally sell anything that could harm your pets.

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