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From my experiences of dealing with my dog for skin problems. I have a lot of research time and suggestions to assist other canine owners in learning how to treat a dog for skin disorders. In my experience the most common disorder found is itching, and chewing and on one certain area on the dog. If your dog has an allergic reaction to something, it will cause red patches, bald spots or irritate the skin. If open wounds or scabbing appears, the next thing that can happen is a bacterial infection.

Allergies are a very common occurance in canines. Skin infections much like ear infections are a couple, of the most common issues affecting a dogs health. Skin problems normally present themselves in “hot spots”, sush areas as eyes, mouth, stomach, anis, and armpits.

How To Treat Dog For Skin Problems;

You could apply a solution made of Oxy-Drops to the area. Mix this solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of oxy-drops to a cup of purified water. Now you should get blood testing done to pin point the exact cause on the problem. As said before itchy skin is the most common irritation for dogs to deal with.

On the flip side, a dog that is allergic to fleas may have a severe reaction that can cause very itchy skin. Under these circumstances your dog may bite at or scratch the itchy spot, and could later lead to a bacterial infection. If your dog is always chewing and digging at their skin causing open wounds and sores, try the following.

The use of a shampoo that contains eucalyptus and aloe vera can greatly reduce itchy areas on your dog’s skin, and help to heal the irritated areas. Diets with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids can help keep your canines skin clear, clean and healthy. Dogs have a different reaction to allergies than we do as humans, we have nasal problems, where as dogs have skin irritations.

An allergy to food can also be a cause for skin problems in dogs, and can cause sickness in dogs aswell. Thankfuly food allergies can be stopped by simply changing your dogs diet, so it is an easy fix. Hypoallergenic dog food would help resolve this problem.

Here are the 5 most likely causes of dog allergies, fleas, food allergies, atopy, bacteria, and contact allergies.

Sometimes flea medications can cause more problems then the fleas themselves. These problems may include skin infections, irritations, even seizures. As you can see there are a number of causes of skin problems in dogs, and many ways to treat a dog for skin problems so you should always consult your vet.

One of the most commonly over looked causes of skin problems in dogs, is an allergic reaction to something in the food they are eating. Some commercialy made dog foods contain minerals and dyes, that can cause an allergic reaction, or even be very harmful to your dog’s body system.

JK is an animal lover, and especially loves dogs. He specializes in dog health, and enjoys writing information that can be used by dog owners everywhere. To find out if the food you are feeding your dog is hurting, or poisoning them visit Dog Skin Home

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