You may find it unbelievable but even dogs can suffer from acne and acne scars.  For this, dog acne treatments are available.  It only happens to certain breeds of dogs which include mini pinschers, boxers, and even Rottweilers.  Just like humans, dog acne develops during their years of puberty.

What happens to dogs with dog acne?
To better understand what dog acne looks like, you should look at the skin condition of your pet first.  You will see that they might develop blackheads on their lips, chin and muzzle area.  Some of these areas will even stop hair from growing because it blocks follicles.  This can further develop into scabs and this will lead to pain and itching.  A dog might start to scratch its face for some acne relief and this can be quite dangerous as wounds can get infected.

How will I know if it is dog acne?
The problem is that the condition of a dogs skin can be caused by just about anything that includes ring worm and even depression.  It is therefore important that you make sure your puppy or dog is really healthy before concluding that it is dog acne he or she is suffering from.  Make sure that your dog is also not just having some allergic reaction to some kind of soap or shampoo.

What’s the cure?
To be honest, dog acne can never be cured but it can be treated so that dogs can experience temporary acne relief.  There are mild cases that don’t need to be treated at all.  However, if you are sure that your dog is suffering from acne then you will want to have the dog take antibiotics for about 4 weeks.  Make sure that you consult your vet first before giving the dog acne medication of any kind.

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