/How You Can Treat Your Dogs Allergies Naturally

How You Can Treat Your Dogs Allergies Naturally

Yes it is true, your dog along with you may suffer from allergies.

Most of us would never even consider that our dog could have such a problem as allergies.

When you know you dog has such a problem, you can treat the allergies with natural home remedies.

 They can suffer from the environment they live in and from a variety of foods. Their symptoms will show up by an excessive amount of scratching and itching.

Also, your dog will most likely start sneezing more often.

Your dog can become so uncomfortable that their itching and scratching can become quite severe. Which will cause your dog to start losing their fur and irritating their skin even more.

You can help your dog with this condition and ease their discomfort.

 The good news is that you can use a natural home remedies for your dogs allergy symptoms and make him or her a happy dog again

Research has found that a very good home remedy for your dog’s allergies is a colloidal oatmeal bath.

 If your dog is in real discomfort and cannot stop scratching and itching, this oatmeal bath will do the trick.

Your first step is mix the colloidal oatmeal to cool water. Make sure your water is cool for your dog.

 Apply the mixture to your dog’s fur gently and rinse. Do it once a day until you see results.

 Another indication of your dog suffering from allergies is licking and scratching his paws.

Sometimes that is where the allergies hit your dog the hardest. To alleviate the pain and discomfort in their paws you can give your dog a bath with Epsom salts.

Just like we many times use Epsom salts in our own bath to help us with a variety of problems.

 It is very important that you keep a constant watch on your dog while bathing him/her. Do not let them drink their bath water. Epsom salts are only used for external problems never internal.

 So give your dog a nice bath and let their paws soak a little, then rinse and get rid of the bath water. Your dog should feel relief from the itching in his/her paws.

Sometimes is may be necessary to change your dogs bedding. Many dogs can be allergic to cotton, which is used in many dog-bedding products.

 You may have to look at using a different material maybe a synthetic bedding.

With these basic tips for your dog allergies, it should give them great relief from the various problems they were having.

When you can use a natural home remedies to treat your dog of their allergies, it is always a much better outcome with less expense and less dangerous side effects.

Our dogs can have to many chemicals in their life.  Just like us we should try and limit commercial products to treat some conditions. 

When it is not a serious problem that your dog has, which should always be treated by your vet, then  go ahead and try a  natural home remedy.

Remember these wonderful loving animals deserve all of our help when then need us along with a good and loving home.

Love all animals.

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