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Hypoallergenic Dogs

Many people suffer from allergies. Literally millions around the world suffer from allergies. You can be allergic to certain kinds of foods, plants, pollens, animals, clothes etc. Depending upon the allergy you suffer from, it can be triggered by different things and this can be harmful for your health. Fortunately you can be allergic and still keep dogs at home. The variety of dogs known as hypoallergenic is safe to keep at home.

Both hairy and hairless dogs are Hypoallergenic Dogs. They shed less hair and dander compared to other dogs. They also have less allergen in their saliva and urine. This makes them safer for those with allergies. Allergens will get stuck to almost anything. Clothing and carpeting are the best places where allergens can get stuck and create conditions for people to have an allergy attack. House needs to be cleaned and dusted properly to remove the allergens on a periodic basis. You should also restrict the dogs to certain areas. This will restrict the growth of the allergens.

If you are looking to get a Hypoallergenic Dog as your pet, visit the breeders who deal in these dogs or visit a friend who has this dog.  Allergies can become evident at any stage of a person’s life. Therefore it’s advisable to spend some time with the dog that you intend to buy. Look for Hypoallergenic Dogs that shed less hair and have less allergen in their urine and saliva. Doing research on the internet can show you the breeds that are considered as Hypoallergenic Dogs.

Remember that if you stay in a small apartment, you may experience more allergy attacks since the allergens are confined in a small place. You will need a small Hypoallergenic Dog in such an apartment. If you live in a bigger house, then take the dog out for a walk in the yard or a playground. This will lessen the shedding of the Hypoallergenic Dog on your carpeting and bedding.

As with all dogs, you would need a month to adjust to the Hypoallergenic Dog. Sometimes your allergies may get worse before you start feeling better. As the month goes by, you would see that the Hypoallergenic Dog will shed less hair and dander. These dogs would only need special care if it has be recommended by the dog breeder.

You can take the following precautions if you are allergic

Remove all the carpeting and replace with hardwood floors

The vacuum cleaner that you use should be able to completely remove the dander and dust in your homes

Wipe you walls clean every week with a damp mop and all the cleaning should be done with a damp cloth.

If possible, keep your pet off the bed

These precautions will enable you to have a fun loving relationship with your dog.

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