Many people wonder if they can actually groom their dog, and the answer is simple with a deeper explanation beyond it – Yes, you can groom your dog regardless of the breed, but depending on the breed, or more so the type and length of the cat will depend on how you groom your dog. There is no dog that you can not groom, or that would not benefit from grooming including bathing, brushing the coat, cleaning the facial area and so on. All these have separate benefits, but they all have some benefits in common, and many owners don´t understand the health benefits that go with grooming.

For example, when you are grooming your dogs coat, whether it be a long haired dog, or short haired and weather you are using a nylon brush, or a soft short wire brush you will be able to monitor the skin area in a closer detail than ever before, so you can look out for ticks, fleas and irritations to your dogs skin in this way. Also with the eyes and the ears, you will be ensuring the health is maintained in these vulnerable areas and you will be playing a major role in prevention of infection. These are just two examples of the health benefits, and they are the same regardless of the breed, that you now know you can groom.

Having the knowledge that you can groom any dog and learning how to groom your dog will allow you to ensure your dog receives al the benefits of dog grooming, but the benefits don´t stop at your pet, the benefits that you can both receive together are also priceless. Spending the time with your dog and interacting with them will improve your relationship and bond beyond your belief when done correctly. I mention the grooming being done correctly in two ways, the manner in which you do it, and the routine you have for it.

Obviously if you are not carrying out the grooming tasks correctly you can cause hurt or suffering to you dog, and if you do not establish a routine you may find that you are trying to do too much n one time and making your pet feel uncomfortable, this will hinder he benefit of the relationship we have mentioned and also deter your dog from wanting to participate wit you any further.

Dog grooming is a great way to show any dog you love and care for them, and to make sure you benefit from it correctly the complete guide titled ‘The Perfect Dog Grooming Guide’ is available for you to see how much you can get from grooming at

Mark Grey,

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