/Layman’s Guide For Removing Mats And Tangles Off Your Dog

Layman’s Guide For Removing Mats And Tangles Off Your Dog

In case you have a breed of dog which is long haired and which has lots of hairs then you are aware of the problem of mats and the tangles on the skin of your dog. In case the balls of hairs are left unattended, then might lead to complete skinning of the skin coat to resolve the problem. This also leads to skin ulcers, and other skin related problems. In case you want to avoid all this, then plan for a proper grooming of the dogs skin.

There are many ways in which you can do the process of cleaning the mats and tangles off your dog. Some of them might be painful to your dog. In this article we list for you some of the popular and painless ways of clearing this mess off your dogs skin.

You can use a broad toothed comb or a brush to clear of the tangle. The best way to cleat the tangle is working on small knots, rather working on whole lot quantity of tangle at the same time.

There are special and customized detanglers which are designed for the dogs. You can choose the best one from them. There are multiple avenues like the online pet stores, or a local pet store from where you can buy the choicest brand of the detangler.

You can also use baby oil as a replacement for a detangler solution. Make sure that when you use the detangler solution, you apply it in a straight way, instead of a circular way. Applying it in a circular way can increase the tangle instead of decreasing it.

Once you are done with the removing of the tangle, you can try spraying a light coat of Mink oil. This will prevent the tangle to appear again in the hair coat.

Most of the times, the mat and tangles are formed after the dog has a swim or has had a trip in the woods. A twig, a piece of stick can cause the tangles. Make sure while you cleaning the tangle, you do not catch this object and pull. This might be a painful to the dog. You can try detangling the hair gently using your fingers. This method is mainly helpful when the foreign object is entangled very deeply in the hair.

Only as a final option, you can try cutting the patch of the hair. While you cut the patch of the hair, make sure that the blades of the scissors are pointing away from the dogs body.

The places like armpits, front and back of the legs, area around the collar are the most common places of having mats and tangles. Make sure you keep a tab on these places while you clean your dog.

If you feel that the dog is growing to be sensitive on a single point of tangle, just leave the detangler on that point for some time and try and remove the tangle from the other spot if any. This will help dog get less irritated. Irritating the dog will make it less co-operative and in turn will make it less difficult removing the mats and tangles.

Written by Jeff Nenadic from My-DogShop.com

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