A very crucial issue about keeping pets is their maintenance. If you have a dog as a pet, you will have to ensure that it is taken proper care of or else you will have a smelly and unkempt looking dog on your hands.

The most basic of all dog grooming procedures is bathing it. Most dogs flee at the sight of water with their owners in hot pursuit. To prevent yourself from becoming a spectacle you should take a look at the following dog grooming tips.

The primary grooming tip is to transform the bathing process from a dreary and terrifying spectre to an enjoyable one. Once your dog begins to take a liking to splashing around he will be more receptive to the entire grooming procedure.

Collect and organize all the grooming supplies before you take your pet into the bathroom. This is one dog grooming tip that will ensure that you are able to effectively carry out the process. Then take your dog into the bathroom and talk to him while warm water is being drawn. If you wish to hasten the bathing process, use a hose instead of a bucket to wash your dog. A useful dog grooming tip is to use pet grooming gloves instead of regular gloves while bathing the dog. These rubber textured gloves are not only effective in cleaning the dog but also massage it at the same time. We all know that dogs love to get a massage and using these gloves could make the experience pleasurable for them and they may even begin to look forward to it.

The shampoo is a very important component of bathing. Remember to pay heed to the dog grooming tip of not using your own shampoo on your dog. Always buy a dog grooming shampoo to prevent any irritation to its skin, depending on the need there are several dog grooming shampoos to choose from. There are medicated shampoos to get rid of ticks and mites, shampoos for sensitive dog skin and shampoos suited to different seasons. A moisturizing shampoo is a must in winter while for allergies you will have to use hypoallergenic shampoos. All dog grooming tips would advise you to select a shampoo based on your dogs requirements.

Now comes the actual bathing process. Pour water all over your dog and rub a small amount of the shampoo in your hand and then onto your dog. Begin with the head, taking care not to let it get into the eyes. One important dog grooming tip is to use eye drops prescribed by the vet in case the shampoo gets into the eyes and causes irritation. Shampoo the entire body well, especially the under parts. Rinsing the body well is another vital dog grooming tip to ensure that no shampoo remains sticking to the skin or it could lead to itchiness.

It is also essential to properly dry your dog to remove moisture especially from the ears and paws or it could cause infections. Another dog grooming tip that will facilitate the drying process is to use a hair dryer set at medium heat and held about six inches away from the body. This helps to quickly dry out even thick furs of dogs.

A dog grooming tip that will ensure that your dog receive sufficiently regular grooming is to ask your vet about how frequently he should be groomed. Some dogs must be groomed at short intervals to prevent them from getting dirty and smelly while others can get by with not-so-frequent grooming schedules.

Most pet owners enjoy grooming their dogs as it helps them form a special bond with their pets, which is such a crucial aspect of pet keeping.

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