/Now You Can Rid yourself of Your Dog Allergy!

Now You Can Rid yourself of Your Dog Allergy!

Have you just found out that you are allergic to your beloved dog? What a terrible thing to happen! Sadly, you have to make your peace with that. However, if you decide that not even a dog allergy can come between you and your pet and parting ways is definitely an impossibility, you have to be willing to make the necessary adjustments in your lifestyle so that living with the source of allergen becomes a possibility. Perhaps the first thing you’ll want to look into is allergy elimination and deal with the problem at its source.

With much admiration for your conviction, we furnish you a list of steps you can take to reduce your dog allergy symptoms. Just to get it out of the way though, we have to state that complete avoidance of dogs will work best for your allergy. And now, dodging your dagger looks, we proceed with the list.


• Bathe him frequently, perhaps even twice a week.

• Rid your pet of allergens that collect on his coat. Wipe him down or rinse his coat with plain water. Other allergens mixed with even just a little dander can still launch a dog allergy attack in you.

• Give your pet a daily brushing and, if possible, spray him with allergy-reducing products. It is best to do your brushing outdoors.

• Make sure that your dog’s skin is healthy by giving him the necessary nutrients in his diet and food supplement.

• Do not risk your pet breeding and increasing the number of allergen sources. Have him fixed.


• Keep the dog away from the bedroom. Always keep the door and air vents closed.

• Keep the dog off carpets. It is better if she spends more time outdoors.

• Vacuum religiously.

• Purchase an air cleaner. Products such as air filters are good for allergy elimination.

• If you cannot strip all forms of carpeting off your home, make sure that you steam-clean them, as well as all upholstered furniture.

• Wash and change bedding and draperies often.

• Keep your dog off the furniture. Wipe down all hard surfaces to get rid of accumulated dander, the usual culprit behind dog allergy,

Personal Care

• See your allergist and discuss possible immunotherapy and other dog allergy elimination techniques.

• Stock your medicine cabinet with allergy remedies.

• Get allergy shots.

• Wash your hands thoroughly after touching your dog or any of his things.

It may seem like too much trouble, but this is what it takes to keep a dog in your case. Hopefully, your pet’s response to your affection is enough to help you deal with the symptoms or even, miraculously, promote total dog allergy elimination.

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