When someone hears the words “dog food,” they generally think of either dry pellets in a 30 lb bag or brown goo inside of a can. While commercial dog food lines the shelves of major retailers and pet supply stores, many pet owners are switching to a homemade diet for their dogs.  Although there are many benefits to feeding your dog a holistic, “raw” food diet, many prepared meals are missing key nutrients and minerals. The addition of a canine nutritional supplement may prove to be a worthy addition to your pet’s diet.

It is easy for a dog owner to forget, neglect or simply ignore a crucial ingredient in the meals they prepare for their pets. This is a problem that may cause your pet to suffer from the effects of a nutritional imbalance, defeating the purpose of a wholesome, holistic diet. In addition, no meal can be guaranteed to have the proper amount of essential vitamins and minerals, as each piece of natural food is different. A canine food supplement would make sure your pet is getting everything he needs, especially when you go through the additional effort to make his meal instead of pouring it from a bag.

“I feed my dog a homemade diet because of the nutritional advantages, so why do I need a dog food supplement too?” This is a common question. Homemade dog food, although a source of many vitamins and minerals, simply cannot satisfy all necessary nutritional requirements found throughout a dog’s life. For example, a growing puppy should have small amounts of DHA and ALA fatty acids for proper retinal and brain development. A dog vitamin supplement containing these properties will ensure the pup is getting the additional resources he needs. Another example is a supplement that contains a blend of pro-biotic bacteria and minerals for dogs going through stressful situations such as pregnancy or breeding.  Again, it is difficult to determine the actual nutritional breakdown of a homemade diet, but these small additions can make a world of difference.

Aside from regular canine nutritional supplements, show dog owners may want to improve their dog’s fur with a canine coat supplement or dog skin supplement. Although not vital for the average pet, these supplements may prove to enhance the health and appearance of a dog’s coat. A canine skin supplement will naturally prevent dry skin without the use of any medication and a coat supplement will ensure fur and hair have a proper balance of oils. Although these supplements may apply to specific applications, they still contain other health-enhancing vitamins and minerals that cannot be guaranteed in a homemade diet.

Although homemade dog food is being used more and more each day, it is important for pet owners to understand that these meals may not guarantee their pets are getting every vitamin and mineral they require. Canine food supplements can be added to any meal to ensure dog owners that their pets are getting everything they need. Additionally, animal supplements can be used in special applications such as pregnancy, post-birth, and puppyhood.

Kauffman’s Animal Health, Inc. is a family-oriented business that manufactures, packages, and markets a complete line of canine nutritional supplements, feed premixes, and equine nutritional supplements products. Kauffman’s services the equine, canine, poultry, and livestock (beef cattle, sheep, swine, goat, deer, etc.) industries.

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