I always wonder at dog owners who don’t think to treat their dog for fleas until the dog is scratching. Your dog is already being driven mad by the time it’s scratching brought about by the bites from adult fleas , not only this but the adult fleas will have started laying eggs that will have been spread around your home waiting to hatch.

Just 5 per cent of the flea population in your home is made up of the adult fleas. The adult fleas are just the tip of iceberg – the majority of the flea issue is under the surface. A single female flea is capable of laying around 50 eggs a day. The eggs easily fall from your dog’s fur landing around your home. The eggs that drop or rub off from your pet will settle in upholstery, rugs, mats and carpets, and floorboard cracks.

The immature flea – egg, pupae or larvae – will stay in these surroundings waiting for the right conditions to complete their cycle and become adult fleas. Spring, summer and autumn are the most active time for fleas to hatch and continue the cycle. Heating in your home will also provide the ideal conditions for fleas right through winter too.

The key is to break the cycle by destroying the adult fleas and the eggs at the same time. In a once a month application with Frontline Plus dogs get the best preventative treatment against fleas. It is important to remain diligent to stop future infestations. Easy to apply and inexpensive, Frontline Plus Dogs is a monthly treatment to protect your pet and home from flea infestations all year round.

There are other complimentary actions to Frontline Plus Dogs you can take to lower the risk of flea infestations. Vacuum regularly, this will help remove dormant eggs from carpeting and upholstery. Your dogs bedding should be washed regularly in very hot water (above 60°c) as this will kill any eggs. Also, try to avoid untreated animals entering your home.

Using Frontline Plus dogs also get protection from ticks, the fleas’ evil cousin, which can prove fatal if undetected and untreated. During the summer months when paralysis ticks may be present, dogs should be treated every two weeks to provide full protection and also checked nose to tail regularly for the presence of these nasty little parasites. If you are unsure of any strange symptoms your dog may be showing or you find a paralysis tick attached to your pet, get your dog to the vet as soon as possible, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

The most commonly spread tick is the brown dog tick. Low numbers of ticks generally cause few health problems for pets. An infestation of this tick however can irritate your dogs skin and can lead to dermatitis, anemia and in some cases death. As this tick will only stay on one animal for a short time before it drops and then finds another host, treating just the tick is not worthwhile. If you treat with Frontline Plus dogs are protected from having the brown dog tick actually attach itself in the first place. If you stick to the golden rule that prevention is better than the cure you should avoid flea infestations and keep your dog safe from ticks with Frontline Plus Dogs.

Marion Lives with her Husband and Two Labradors. She swears by Frontline Plus after it was recommended by her Vet when the Dogs had a recent Flea Infestation. But don’t pay full price for it. Check out this site Marion found where she gets here supplies.

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