Your pets, especially dogs, play a vital emotional role in your life. You love them so much and wish to treat them as one of your best friends that you spend some of your free time playing with them. But what if your dog isn’t really doing what you want him to do? What if he is not looking as good as he should be?

Herein lies the necessity for learning to groom your own dog. Approximately all pets, including dogs, require grooming. Pet groomers are typically available anywhere ; some of them are cheap and some are terribly expensive. You may not want to visit an inexpensive groomer, but you may not also be ready to afford the pricey ones. And to do that you have to follow some suggestions :

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Start early and groom your own dog while he is still a pup.

Grooming habits should start from a young age. You should train your little dog to do the most typical daily activities like sitting, standing, eating, and so on. This is obligatory because if he will be able to learn all these things at a young age, you’ll have no problem doing other characteristic activities like bathing, hair cutting, etc. And you won’t be scared to groom your own dog

Devote some of your spare time in grooming your dog.

Devoting some of your time in grooming your dog has its own rewards, too, for it reinforces your bond with him and makes it simpler to diagnose early the illnesses that may be deadly later on. Many of them can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, nails, ears and teeth can be cleaned weekly or monthly whenever needed..

Give him a bath, often.

Never give him a daily bath as it may cause dryness to the skin. Some experts even advise that a monthly bath is sufficient for ordinary desires unless advised otherwise by your pet doctor.

Brush your dogs hair frequently even he has short hair.

Brushing is a silent communication between you and your dog. It’s a prerequisite for all dogs, whether they have long hair or not, because brushing stimulates the oils on your dogs skin. This may also free him of unwanted dust and alert you about skin related illnesses well ahead.

Tartar builds up very easily on a dogs teeth. This collects bacteria from the food he has consumed, causing common teeth problems like gingivitis, halitosis, hideous looking teeth, etc. These issues can be easily forestalled if you taught him to let you clean his teeth constantly. However, if your dog has already built up so much tartar, it has to be handled by a professional then. You should therefore include cleaning his teeth right from an earlier age and make it part of the routine of learning to groom your own dog.

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