Skin problems are a lead cause of irritation for dogs. The remedy for skin irritation in dogs usually depends on what the cause is.

Fleas and ticks found in your dog’s fur is a frequent issue. They are parasitic creatures that gain health by feeding on the dog’s blood. They usually live on the surface of the skin and when their saliva touches the skin, it causes extreme annoyance to the dogs due to skin irritations. This is why dogs scratch themselves a lot.

To avoid your dog from becoming a flea and tick housing society, there are several products you can use on a routine basis to cure him.

If your dog is showing bald spots and has reddened skin, then it is possible that he is suffering from mange. Mange is a deadly skin disease in which mites dig up holes inside the dog’s skin and cause him excruciating pain and also a lot of itching. On the basis of the nature of the mite involved, the mange can be classified as sarcoptic mange or demodectic mange.

Also known as scabies, mange is extremely dangerous as the mites not only dig up holes in a dog’s skin, but sometimes lays eggs there too. This disease is also something that can affect humans and the symptoms most of the time begin with skin irritation. This will most probably get better after some time but it is always safe to see a doctor.

A lime and sulphur soak is a sure cure for scabies. You can immerse your dog in this dip and let him stay immersed for about 10- 15 minutes a few times a week. Never scrub the solution off his body. Let it dry by itself. But do keep a check on your dog so make sure that he does not try to lick his fur.

The best thing in an extreme itching situation is to go to a doctor. This will help in a better diagnosis and treatment of your dog’s problem.

Many believe that dogs are friendlier and more trustworthy than our very own species. But understanding dogs requires a special effort and one may find it worthy to consult some good Dog Books.

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