/Small Dogs And Hypoallergenic Nature – Reasons For The Close Relationship

Small Dogs And Hypoallergenic Nature – Reasons For The Close Relationship

Small dogs are mostly hypoallergenic. This is due to several reasons. Since these breeds are small, they cannot climb onto couches, beds or other furniture that you use. So these furniture are free of allergens that might trigger allergies. Also, small dogs like to have some space for themselves. They prefer sleeping on their own dog beds or frequently washed blankets. Also these feel secure only when amidst people. So keep these dogs in a small crate when you are not at home to make them feel secure. This also prevents them for infecting your entire house with allergens and reduce allergens in carpets and on walls.

Either short hair or thin long hair breeds are available among small dogs. Often, hair does not cause too many problems to people with dog allergies. Small dogs often shed hair less often than other breeds and maintaining their hair is easy. The more you groom the coats of these dogs, the more free of dust will the air at your house be. Also since they shed less hair, they don’t affect carpets and walls. Unlike many bigger breeds, smaller breeds salivate a lot less. Saliva is one of the prime causes of allergies. This is because most of the bacteria is contained in saliva.

When you choose a small dog, choose one that is perfect your way of living. This helps you build a long lasting trusting relationship with your dog. Small dogs hate being alone and love being with their own “family”. It feels comfortable as long as it is in the same room as you. If you feel this is not possible and cannot build this level of trust, go in got a slightly larger breed. Medium sized hypoallergenic dogs normally don’t need this much of bonding with the owner.

Smaller, hypoallergenic dogs too, much in common with most dogs, need exercise. They do not like going for long walks, but instead rejoice short, frequent walks in known places. For example, a nearby park or ground may be a good place to take your dog for a walk. These dogs are extremely playful and they love playing games inside the house. Also, they are not made to withstand the cold weather and may need small sweaters in winter. Do not leave your hypoallergenic breed out in the cold for a long while since they do not have protective undercoats.

A small dog is also better suited for you if you live in a small home or apartment. They do not bark much and also require much lesser exercise. So an apartment life will not be inhibiting for them. These dogs make wonderful companions unmindful of whether you are hypoallergenic or not. But be sure to research all available breeds and choose the one that you are confident you can discipline, train and show affection to.

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