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Bathing And Caring for Your Labrador Retriever Dog

Who wouldn’t be tempted to cuddle a well-groomed and clean Labrador Retriever? They are every dog owners pride. But every dog owner should always remember that grooming and cleaning is not merely to make your Labrador Retriever look good. Grooming and cleaning is important in maintaining the general health condition of your dog. Bathing … Continue reading

Dog Training – Dog Bathing

Dog bathing is a must when living with a dog. Dogs naturally get smelly and are not like cats in being able to wash themselves well and be hygienic, this is why dog owners have to look after their dogs hygiene for them once in a while. Dog bathing should take place when your … Continue reading

How to Do Proper Dog Bathing

Most of us love our dogs; sometimes we treat them as our own family. We bought them things they need and we even give them the best facilities that they can have. More often there are many people who are having a hard time when bathing their dog. This is a very common situation to … Continue reading

Bathing Tips For Dogs

Is your dog’s skin overly dry or flaky? Is its coat dull, and lack luster? Are there any problems that should be taken into consideration, such as lesions or rashes? Does the dog scratch, and bit areas of its body? Is the dogs coat matted, hard to groom after bathing or perhaps you are one … Continue reading