A lot of us consider our pet dogs as parts of our family. This kind of treatment often pushes us to give our pet dogs enough attention. As members of our family we always try to keep our canines in top shape and free from dog illnesses. We often cannot tell if our pet dogs are not feeling well because they will more likely not look like they are. It can be helpful to familiarize ourselves with some of the symptoms of usual dog illnesses.

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One of the earliest signs that our beloved canines are not feeling well is sluggishness. It is normal for dogs to sleep a lot but you must take note that even when they are asleep, they can wake up and be alert at any time. So if your pet dog starts to slow down and it is not because of their old age, it can be due to anemia. Sluggishness may also be due to tender leg so try to check if your pet dog is limping. Try to see if there are painful areas. When you do so, make sure that you are using a firm but gentle approach.

Dog illnesses also affect your pet canine’s appetite. Any loss of appetite can be a result of ill health. Dogs are known to drink a lot of water but if display signs of excessive thirst, it could be something else. Another indicator of ailing health is distinct weight loss.

Other symptoms of dog illnesses include ulcers, sores, veins, and discharges in your pet’s eyes. You should also check the color of your canine’s mouth. A healthy dog usually has a pink mouth. Discolorations or cavities in their teeth are also signs of ill health. It is also advisable to regularly clean your pet’s ears as discharges in this area are also telltale signs that your dog is not feeling well.

Prevention is better than cure, so the popular adage goes. Therefore, to keep your beloved pet free of dog illnesses, see to it that the necessary vaccines have been administered to them. It can also be a lot of help to have them regularly checked by veterinarians.

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