Mange can be a very serious affliction. It occurs, most commonly, in dogs that are not clean and healthy, but this is not always the case. Mange is very contagious, so if your healthy pet has been around another animal with mange, there is a possibility that he will contract the disease. It is imperative that you act immediately to prevent the mange from spreading. If your dog is healthy he will have a good immune system and will have a better chance of fighting off the parasites.

Some of the signs of mange are excessive scratching which will cause sores on the skin.
Mites will burrow under your dogs skin and this cause your pet to lose hair in the infected area.
The skin will become dry, crusty, thick and wrinkled. The mites will reproduce and when this happens, there will be a pungent odor coming from the affected area. Your pet could also develop blisters and bleeding.

Treating your dog naturally is always the safest way to go, but in severe cases, it is advisable to make a visit to your veterinarian.

When you suspect that your dog has mange, you will want to boost your pets immune system with herbal supplements. Astragalus, Echinacea and arabinogalactans can sometimes be helpful. These supplements need to be given to your dog orally. The application of aloe vera, tea tree oil and vitamin E is also an excellent treatment for dog mange. Make sure the natural product you are selecting is for topical use. There are some un-diluted essential oils out there that can be toxic to your dog, so be sure to read the labels carefully.

When you realize your dog has mange, take extra measures to make sure he is kept clean. By bathing him often and keeping his kennel or bedding clean, you will help to keep the mites from spreading so quickly.

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