Are you looking remedy for ithcy dog? Most of itchy dog caused by tick and flea so to get rid of its ithcy symptoms is find the main problem which is flea or tick. But you might notice is not easy on finding the right dog flea home remedy, and it is some kind of dilemma of the dog owner. One side they do not want see their dog keep scratching and the the other hand they also do not want give their dog a not quality dog flea remedy to get rid of the dog flea problems. By reading this article you will learn what the effective way to choose a good quality dog flea remedy…

Summer brings holiday joy for most people but not exactly so for dog owners. In fact, it may well be the busiest time of the year for all dog owners and the cause of this is Fleas!

Dog Owners are most likely to see their dogs scratching frantically and having skin rashes at its worst during this time of the year which prompted them to desperately go in search of a dog flea remedy. But there are hundreds of dog flea products in the market so, which is the ‘best dog flea killer’ among all.

If this is the dilemma that you are facing right now, then read on as we reveal some dog flea and tick treatment that are reported to be effective.

If you are thinking of trying some flea powder and flea collars, forget them, these are products of the past and are simply not effective.

Flea combs have been around for a long long time but have always been overlooked to be an effective first line of treatment for dogs with fleas. True that you won’t be able to eliminate all fleas simply by combing your dog’s fur but it helps in reducing the flea population greatly. It’s the safest way to keep flea infestation in your dog under control not to mention that it’s also cheap. Value these ‘grooming sessions’ as it also helps in building a mutual bonding between your dog and yourself.

Use of dog flea shampoo is common among dog owners. As with flea comb, flea shampoo would not eradicate fleas completely as they will be washed off shortly leaving no residual effects. But, again, it’s effective in helping to control flea population and it helps keep the skin of your dog clean and prevents secondary infections especially when inflammation develops from the constant scratching

The use of dog flea medications has increase in popularity in recent years. Firstly, they are highly effective flea killer, which have reportedly been able to kill off 99% of the flea population within 24 hours after application. Secondly, these new range of flea medicines have long lasting effects enabling a single application to last for up to a month. Of these, the most popular ones are Advantage, Revolution, Frontline, Frontline plus and Advantix. Each of these is unique and the choice of which to use on your dog depends on what your dog is infested with. Revolution is labeled not only for use against fleas but also are also active against ear mites, scabies mites and heartworm while Frontline Plus controls both fleas and ticks.

Added on to the list are the oral flea pill like Program and Sentinel. These are growth inhibitors, which serve to interrupt the life cycle of fleas, and it serves as long term preventive in flea control.

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To equip yourself with more information about the various types and forms of flea products before heading to get one suitable for your dog, make sure you check the section on "Flea Treatment For Pets" within my website at which covers in detail the advantages, effectiveness, side effects, how they should be used and what you should look out for when using any of them.

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