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Like people, dogs are not exempt from allergies. Your cuddly and furry friend will seem to be irritated at almost anything when these allergies attack. Just as with humans, these allergies are very uncomfortable and will need an immediate remedy to have things under control. There are five most common types of allergy that your dog can have namely food, flea, bacteria, contact and inhalant allergy. Each type of allergy has a particular characteristic which your dog can exhibit as a result of the condition.

Food allergy happens when your dog becomes sensitive to a particular food. Depending on your dog, food like beef, chicken, fish, eggs, or grains can trigger an allergy attack. You can tell that your dog is suffering from food allergy when you see him scratching or licking a certain part of his body. Other symptoms can also include coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Because of the complexity involve in identifying the ingredient that triggered the allergy attack, it would be best if you cook special meals for your furry friend. Or you can try to give him food specially formulated for dogs found in your local grocery for the moment and check if the allergy symptoms disappear. When it does, you can slowly reintroduce food to your friend and identify the harmful ingredient that caused the allergy.

Inhalant allergy is another common type of allergy experienced by dogs. This allergy is often caused by environmental factors which your pet can inhale like molds, dust, pollen, or dust mites. You can tell if your pet is suffering from an inhalant allergy if he tends to lick or scratch a certain area of his body like the armpits or genital area. Because of this action, your pet will exhibit reddish-brown stains. One way to be sure that your pet is suffering from inhalant allergy is to visit your veterinarian and have him do an Intradermal Skin Testing. If indeed your pet is suffering from this condition, you can help him combat it by giving him baths using medicated shampoo and giving him allergy shots.

Fleas are pests which can cause allergies to your pet. The flea’s saliva is what causes the allergy and with constant scratching from your pet can result to sores, scabs, and hair loss. This allergy is pretty easy to identify because fleas can be seen by the human eye. It can also be easily remedied by giving your pet flea control products.

The presence of bacteria is another culprit to be blamed for your dog’s allergies. Your dog’s skin normally has bacteria living in it called the Staph bacteria and while most dogs do not get allergies from this, there are some that do and end up losing their hair due to scratching. The best way to combat this allergy is by giving your dog antibiotics.

The last type of dog allergy is known as contact allergy. This is the rarest form of allergy that can affect your pet. This allergy can develop due to contact with flea collars, pet sweaters or wool beddings. Usually, this allergy manifests itself through redness, itching, hair loss, and swelling. To remedy this allergy, you must identify the allergen and avoid making your pet have contact with it.

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