/Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

Most people who own dogs always create time to groom them and will give you reasons for doing this. For some, grooming is about making sure the dog looks good, others do it to ensure the dog stays healthy while others are motivated by a desire to bond with the dog. On the opposite extreme are those who do not groom their dogs either because they are busy, or do not see the need for doing it, or any other reason.  So, why it is important to groom your dog?

 Let us start by defining what dog grooming is. Dog grooming basically refers to the process of cleaning and making the dog tidy. This includes all activities that you do to remove dirt, and improve the appearance of the dog in general. Why is this process important? The most important reason why you should groom your dog is the fact that it helps keep the dog healthy. Ask any veterinarian and you will be told that your dog needs to be bathed regularly to stay healthy. Bathing helps remove dirt but more than that, it prevents the dog from developing skin infection.

When a dog goes without bathing for a while, the dirt will cause it to start itching and scratching which in turn leads to skin abrasions that can become septic. And if a dog has infection such as thrush for instance, it is easier to prevent further infection if it is clean than if it is dirty.

Besides bathing, other grooming activities are also quiet beneficial. Brushing and combing for instance makes a dog look more attractive. This again is not the only reason why you should brush or comb it. When a dog is not brushed especially if it has long hair/fur, the fibers get intertwined, a condition commonly known as matting. Matting would not have been much of an issue had it not been that it creates its own problems. One of such is that it locks dirt in and increase chances of your dog itching. It is also quiet hard to wash a dog when there is matting.

You are probably asking, suppose my dog already has matting, what should I do? Brushing will help if the tangles are not very tight. However, if matting has gone on for a while without remedial action, then you will only hurt the dog as you attempt to brush or comb. The solution in this case is to undertake a different grooming activity: hair clipping.

Hair clipping is the best option when your dog’s hair/ fur is very tightly intertwined. But clipping has other benefits including making it easier to clean the dog and improving the looks of your dog. There are hair clippers specifically designed for dogs. Besides clipping of hair/fur, it is also recommended that you trim the nails. Long nails when unchecked will curve inwards and may result in injury as the dog walks by piercing into its feed pads.

Finally, nothing will bond your dog and you than grooming. The prolonged, massage like touch will increase the faithfulness of your faithful friend!

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