/Your Dogs Grooming And Care

Your Dogs Grooming And Care

Dog grooming is an important task that is needed for more than one reason. Good grooming covers things such as bathes, brushing the fur and brushing the teeth. Good grooming helps the prevention of parasites such as flees and ticks on a dogs skin. Depending on the length of the fur will depend on how often you will need to groom your dog. The longer the fur the more washing and brushing it will require. The shorter the fur the less it will require maybe once a week.

What You Do In Dog Grooming

When you groom a dog you are taking care of their whole outer body, cleaning it and making it look better. You can easily groom your dog at home by bathing your dog, clipping their hair and nails and cleaning their eyes, ears and teeth. If you don’t have the room at home to do these things you can go to a professional grooming service and have it done.

Hair Trimming

When you trim a dog’s hair you may need to leash the dog. You will need to brush the hair both before and after trimming it as the brushing removes dead hair and stimulates the growth of new hair. Gently combing the matted hair is important in dog grooming, as matted hair resistant to brushing should be cut off with scissors. To trim a dog’s hair you will need a pair of good dog clippers which can be purchased at the vets or pet shops. The longer the hair though the more trimming it will require especially in the hot seasons.


Before you trim your dog’s hair you will need to give them a good bath to remove the debris inside the fur then dry the fur completely before starting the trimming process. During summered you can wash your dog outside with a hose but during the colder months a bathtub is a better option with warm water.

Nail Clipping

It is best to start clipping your dog when they are puppies so that they get accustomed to the process. You need to take extreme care when clipping a dog’s nail especially to avoid the quick from being cut. If you do cut the quick then press on the bleeding area until the wound stops bleeding.

Cleaning Eyes, Ears and Teeth

Don’t forget that the eyes, ears and teeth are an essential part of grooming your dog as well. The dogs ears need to be checked for parasites, dirt and scratches etc. Depending on the dog will depend on what eye care it will require. Some dogs have hair that grow around the eye which needs trimming occasionally other dogs will have weeping eyes that will need to be washed out on a daily basis to avoid infection. The groomer can remove any dirt or foreign matter from the eyes, or from around its corners, with a soft clean cloth. Dogs teeth can be clean by giving your dog bones once a week or using specially designed tooth paste and tooth brush for dogs as well as giving then good dog biscuits.

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